Vaccine Programmes

Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Programmes

Vaccinations are required to safeguard specific personnel who are expected to perform certain high-risk activities, potentially exposing them to pathogens while performing these activities. Clinical disease following exposure to most of these pathogens can be mitigated by timeous administration of the relevant vaccines.

All vaccinations are done so on a strictly voluntary basis and it is mandatory that all employees sign a consent form prior to being vaccinated. Depending on the risk associated with specific job categories, certain personnel may not be allowed to perform certain tasks or be allowed to work in certain occupations, should they refuse vaccination.

On-Site Flu Services

On-site flu vaccine services are available for companies in Gauteng, Western Cape, Free State, Mpumalanga and North West provinces. Our nurses arrive with all supplies and equipment needed to administer the vaccine to your employees safely and effectively.

What Is An On-Site Flu Vaccination Clinic?

Flu vaccines are a crucial and important way to lower employee absenteeism and maintain a healthy workforce. During an on-site flu vaccine clinic, OHS Care sends a medical team to your company premises to administer flu vaccines to employees, temporary workers and anyone else eligible in your organization.

What Do I Need To Host an OHS Care On-Site Flu Clinic?

Our medical staff will arrive at the on-site flu vaccine clinic with all the supplies and equipment, but here are a few things we need:

  • A main point of contact
  • A clean, private space (boardrooms work best)
  • A table with at least 2 chairs
  • A list of employees with appointments

Will OHS Care Help Promote the vaccination Programme?

Yes! Participation is key to a successful event. Active promotion and reminders can help boost participation rates enormously.

To help, OHS Care can provide your company with:

  • Email templates
  • Poster designs
  • Online appointment registration
  • Best-practice tips